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So today starts my journey to regain what I lost, or rather tossed to the wayside for foolish reasons. My new column is live on Michael Davis World and can be seen here: http://mdwp.malibulist.com/2012/01/not-shocked-by-danny-donovan-mad-scie... In it we talk about the cancelation of the DC Comic...
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It's my birthday, and at 6:07am EST this morning I officially turned fifty. Yep, the big 5-0. So far, so good.    All told, I think I look pretty good for my age. I may be carrying some extra weight, and I leave the hair color on longer to tackle "those stubborn grays." but otherwise I...
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The highs and lows of the spiritual world are a compliment to one another. It is not only when we are happy that life is interesting, it is not only when things go our way that life matters. In any spiritual journey the bad times are as welcome as the good times because they are the moments when we...