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Here are two photos of friends, Stan Lynde & Mike Linder.  The first was taken at the 1989 Big Drive cattle drive, headed up by Stan.  The second is a photo from a few days ago at Stan's book signing in Billings.   bb     http://stanlynde.net/  http://...
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Suddenly I am becoming a Mike. I've gone my life under my preference of Michael. Whenever someone asks, my name is Michael. Not Mike nor Mickey or Mikey. I am M to my wife but's the extent of it. Yet people who know me as Michael are calling me Mike.  There are many Michaels and Mike out there...
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                                                                *2. City Of Angels Exiting the Lufthansa jet, the bread oven heat pushed me back. Even in the enclosed terminal causeway,even though it was greyly overcast outside with the arrival of the rainy season, the sun found a way in. It was...