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New America Media, News Analysis, Andrew Lam, Posted: Aug 15, 2012   The modern world has long thought of refugees in strictly political terms, victims in a world riven by competing ideologies. But as climate change continues unabated, there is a growing population of...
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"The very fact that poor people, migrants, Muslims, drug dealers, and political protestors are all [considered] potential 'terrorists'—justifying surveillance over them all and the rousing of nativist sentiments against them—reveals a momentous and explicit shift in how public officials and opinion...
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Award-winning, first-time novelist Marisel Vera pens an honest, heart-felt, often sad tale of an idealistic, naïve Puerto Rican girl named Felicidad who goes to America to be with the man she loves. The story, told from an author omniscient point of view, begins in the early 1940’s in the...