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I was very pleased to read A Book Geek's favorable review of "The Sense of Touch."  She writes: "I found the first story, 'Hezekiah Number Three', and the last story 'Be Not Afraid of the Universe' to be two of my favorites and particularly fitting in their placement. I think the first one...
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I'm grateful to Melinda of West Metro Mommy Reads for her favorable review of "The Sense of Touch."  She writes: "This is one of those books that came into my life at just the right time. I had been reading a number of rather long and heavy novels and a collection of short stories was just...
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Many thanks to Kate from the wonderful and visually striking blog, Chronicles of a Country Girl, for her gracious review.  She writes: "One of my favorite stories was also one of the shortest: As Her Heart Is Navigated. In it, a young woman named Haley discovers that her presumptive boyfriend...
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My gratitude to Sandie for her thoughtful review of "The Sense of Touch" on her platform, "Booksie's Blog."  She writes: "While the subject of these stories may sound bleak, that is not the feeling one gets reading them. They provide hope.... The human animal will never give up that attempt to...
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Many thanks to Ann from "Books on the Table" for this generous and insightful review of "The Sense of Touch."  She writes: "Parsons studied English as an undergraduate at the University of Minnesota. Several years ago, he came across some o...f the stories he wrote in college, and says he was...
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The following is a selection from my newest book HEART-LAND: GROWING UP IN THE MIDDLE OF EVERYTHING. The last chapter details what happened at my school during the Kennedy assasination.  CHILDHOOD’S END A number of physical and societal signposts dictate the age when our childhood ends and we...
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  After reading The Glass Castle, by Jeannette Walls, and several other novels of the same fictional biography nature, I can see that the theme of child abuse, neglect, and abandonment is almost becoming a genre in itself.  Certainly the book is of the same quality of Frank McCord’s...
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    Creative Nonfiction, Spring 2013 - Lust, Lies & Bad Behavior, True Stories of Southern Sin   This was an interesting issue - and one I submitted for. I didn’t expect to have my piece accepted - it’s always a bit like grabbing the brass ring. Nonetheless, I held off reading...
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Just past mid-May, Midwest earth yields insects, worms and warmth, prodding new plantings  and coaxing old growth;   Drenching showers feed dazzling blossoms, displacing bleak browns, and prompting wide smiles from all passersby.
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I don't know why it has taken me so long to read my way through Wallace Stegner's fiction, and it feels odd to be giving a novel published in 1943 such high marks as a compelling narrative that captures some of the rougher times in American history so powerfully. I'm sure all my praise for The Big...