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It was smaller than I had imagined. I had pictured a big ancient black leather Bible (Abe's Good-Book). A bright crisp blue day in January, the history and transition of a people. I had left home, or so I'd dreamed. Gone away, far away from my place of birth. As on a journey, I now look behind,...
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A reminder to anyone who wants to bid on some serious goodies (Neil Gaiman drew us a picture in a copy of "Coraline"! Signed first edition hardback of "The Yiddish Policemen's Union"! Signed full three-book Mars trilogy from Ben Bova!) to check the auction link at the bottom of...
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A little over a month ago, my old friend Michelle McFee, mainstay in the Bay Area music and arts scene since Bob Dylan's San Francisco press conference back in 1965, was diagnosed with a rare form of cancer. Michelle is deeply beloved in the Bay Area. I had an idea, and a nonprofit organisation...
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The presidential race, recently, seems to be all about Alaska Governor Sarah Palin -- but how long this period lasts depends in part on how Barack Obama confronts a phenomenon that can only be described as Obama-like. Image Credit: Associated Press Post Palin Prognosis For Political Pop-Star Barack...
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14 February, 2008 - MICHAEL MOORE’S PROGRESSIVE PATRIOTISM - Andy Newman @ 11:08 am – “On Monday our Socialist Film Club in Swindon showed Michael Moore’s “Sicko”, there were about 15 people there including two GMB officials, and three members of the Green Party.” Caption Credit: socialistunity.com...