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The controversy regarding "The Satanic Verses" has returned to its country of origin, India. Few of us will forget the shock at hearing news about a fatwa, a death sentence, pronounced on Salman Rushdie by Iran’s supreme leader Ayatollah Ruhollah Khomeini back in February 1989, forcing him to live...
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Michael Ondaatje, a Canadian and a poet by choice, a Sri Lanken by birth, , and a novelist of extra-ordinary talent, creates an unexpected love between ex pats from such different cultures that one would never expect long term success.  In The English Patient, the novel (not the movie), as one...
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Ondaatje declines Governor General’s Literary Award considerationBy Sue Carter Flinn Although there’s been much buzz over award newbies Esi Edugyan and Patrick deWitt’s impressive hat trick of nominations, another story unfolded today as Michael Ondaatje’s well-received The Cat’s...
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The title is a line from a song by Leonard Cohen.  I have a headful of masters.  Another one is Micheal Ondaatje, who wrote The English Patient. One of the most beautiful books I have ever read.  (The last 3 sentences, one a fragment, are pure Ondaatje.)  TEP won the Booker Prize, and there’s a...