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The second issue of this fine anthology of black humor (verbal and pictorial) will contain a chapter from my long suppressed -- well, roundly disparaged anyway -- novel THE SCHIZ.  Other contributors on the prose side include Paul Krassner, of THE REALIST fame, and Michael O'Donoghue, who made...
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My essay on "The Adventures of Phoebe Zeit-Geist," by Michael O'Donoghue and Frank Springer, appears in BLACK EYE No. 1 ("Graphic Transmissions to Cause Ocular Hypertension"), available in discerning book stores everywhere -- except Canada, where it was seized at the border for...
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I will be contributing an essay, tentatively entitled "...does it all mean?", on "The Adventures of Phoebe Zeit-Geist," by Michael O'Donohue and Frank Springer, to BLACK EYE, an anthology devoted to comics and black humor, edited by Ryan Standfest for Rotland Press ("Fine...