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On this Thanksgiving week, the sidewalks of downtown San Francisco have been bustling with activity as thousands of people ignored a rainy cold front, bustling to and fro clutching bright red tote bags.  No, this is not an early wave of Christmas shoppers, although these folks do ...
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  I’ve volunteered at the Kidney Foundation Literary Luncheon for the last six years.  I work with the authors to keep the long book-signing lines as short as possible.  If you’re in San Francisco and can come, do.  This year it’s at the Mariott SF Marquis Hotel.  Michael...
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Continuing to provide interviews here, this time in a different format--here's the link to NPR radio program Forum, live interview Sept 28, 2011:    <http://www.kqed.org/a/forum/R201109281000>    
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This weekend I volunteered at the National Kidney Foundation Book luncheon.  I assisted the Bay Area's newly-appointed genius (she won a McArthur Fellowship this month) Yiyun Le at her signing-table.  She's a dedicated writer and reader--every time there was a pause in the action she'd open a...
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In the beginning, Michael Krasny tells us that his new book is "for seekers who long for answers." In the end, he confesses that he began working on "Spiritual Envy: An Agnostic's Quest" not knowing what he believed. He hoped that writing the book would finally allow him "...
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On Saturday, May 3, the Burlingame Public Library Foundation hosted a lunch that was as much about raising funds as it was about building community. As one of the organizers put it, the afternoon was an exercise in “friend-raising.” Michael Krasny, the host of the San Francisco Bay Area public...