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One Hollywood film studio has commanded A-list talent since its inception — Elizabeth Taylor, Morgan Freeman, Sandra Bullock, Michael Douglas, Nicole Kidman — and they all worked for free. What studio head has such pull? It’s Rabbi Marvin Hier, the mini-mogul of Moriah Films, the movie...
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For more than thirty years people have asked if my book The War of the Roses, a story about the nasty breakup of a marriage with bizarre and fatal consequences, is autobiographical. It is not. I have been married to the same lovely lady for sixty years. Nevertheless, it is a perfectly legitimate...
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It’s been thirty years since the novel The War of the Roses was published and twenty-one years since the movie version with Michael Douglas and Kathleen Turner was released. In that time this cautionary tale about the perils of divorce and the destructive power of materialism which burst upon the...
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They were naked sitting on top of the green velvet bedspread in Jason's bedroom. The small table lamp spewed vacant light over their bodies. Sally took her three-inch Swiss Army Knife and pricked the inside flesh of Jason's thumb. He snickered and eyed her procedure. She pricked the inside of her...
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Past generations had Cuckoo's Nest. Future generations have KISSING FREUD  Scandulous. Spellbinding. Ripe. Ruthless. Sexy. Sensational. You are forewarned, sexuality and profanity are explicitly portrayed in KISSING FREUD. There's nothing implied that you aren't aware of.  Preview and purchase it...