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Mexico City | Mexico City

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Let your guidebook lead you to the hot spots, then be alert to unexpected glimpses; depths you never dreamed of. Recently while I was walking along Pino Suarez in Mexico City I came to the SE corner of the Zocaló, a great public space since the days of Aztec rule.  This enormous plaza...
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It's a tableland, an elevated tract of land ranging from 1,000 feet elevation to as high as 16,000 feet plus. Famous plateaus are Tibet, Mexico City and the high plateaus inhabited by the Aztecs, Incas and Toltecs. Often plateaus are surrounded by the dramatic beauty of mountain ranges, as is Tibet...
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Transit Billboards Boost Literacy in Mexico by  Itir Sonuparlak      In an effort to improve literacy, Mexico’s largest book retailer, Librerías Gandhi, partnered with Mexico City’s transportation authority to place billboards featuring excerpts from Franz Kafka’...
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Although Mexico City gets a lot of notice these days for its trendy bars, hip hotels and chic art galleries, what makes this city really cool has been around for almost 700 years: The city was founded by the Aztecs in 1325, and although the Spanish conquistadores tried hard to erase the...