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AN ARGUMENT FOR HYPERREALIST POETRY Hyperrealism is a term mainly used to describe a movement in the visual arts that arose around the turn of the millennium. Artist like Ron Muech create works that reproduce the illusion of reality right down to every single pubic hair. They often strive to...
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As the twelfth inch of snow mounds into inch number thirteen, I hustle through the kitchen on my way to the laundry room. En route, I throw a passing glance out the narrow window with a view past the carport and the bird feeder to the woods that slope down toward the creek.  The aspect outside the...
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My aim in the poems is to catch the reader in an erotics of sound, story, and feeling; the web that stretches between the poles of lyric and narrative. I look for surprises, wait for images to leap up out of the quotidian, like fish breaking the surface of the poem at its ruptures of juxtaposition...
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If you think you’re boring your audience, go slower not faster. -Gustav Mahler
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This is a really cool piece I did in college--it's a "third party" experiment. Basically I took a "second party" experiment and took it a step farther...what's the experiment about, Steve?!? FFS... Essentially, someone wrote a poem in first person...another person reads it and...