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Last August right here on Red Room I responded to an interesting article about meta-fiction by Tanya Egan Gibson asking her if would switch gears and write a guest blog for me regarding meta-memoir. Good friend and brilliant writer that she is, she did it, and here it is. (Yes, it took awhile. But ...
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One Little Golden Book on my daughter's bookshelf is not like the others.  The protagonist starts talking before the copyright information is displayed.  He talks about the wordy copyright page.  He calls attention to the fact that he is, indeed, in a book.  And then... he talks directly to the...
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Recently, I did a book review covering Victor Gischler's Go-Go Girls of the Apocalypse from Touchstone. Currently, he's one of three writers who are going to be taking the reigns of Marvel's Punisher MAX title after Garth Ennis leaves the title. This guy is the real deal, folks. Check out some...