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Yesterday, I was awakened at 7 am by the bright loud 'caw' of a crow near my bedroom window. Alarmed, but groggy, I hopped out of bed, stumbled into the bathroom, and got ready for a full day of work at home. Excited about completing my latest art venture, I gathered my materials, set up the studio...
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Behold that old sink in a small enterprise, hardly a centerpiece effort, but still taking up space in a corner of the warehouse. A wire soap dish hangs from the faucet and a ragged gray towel has its place dangling from a rusty rack at the sink’s side, and the faucet drips. Do we talk about the...
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You are invisible. I see this on my messenger window. I don’t feel invisible. It seems like I am there and can be seen by everyone, everyone who has me on their list. People I have known over the years. New arrivals I have discouraged. I am tired. The scent of dew-dripping flowers makes me cringe...