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Message of Peace and Harmony | Message of Peace and Harmony

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When I think of peace I immediately think of the author GReg Mortenson,author of "Three Cups of Tea".  If you haven't read it,please do. This man,out of his gratitude to a Norhtern Pakistani family for rescueing him from an injury on a mountain climb,expressed his gratitude by starting a...
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I had a dream last night.  I woke up feeling happy and content. I decided I must ponder this dream all day before I write about it.  Sometimes when I write too quickly, when thoughts or ideas come to my head, I babble and I have no direction in my writing. I went to bed last night a bit disturbed...
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Today I heard a priest say do what your heart tells you and what is right for you in your life...then you will find true happiness.  His words really spoke to me because that is what I've been struggling with for years; especially lately.  Putting my feelings/needs aside and worrying too much about...
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Life is unpredictable . . . Let’s face it, never more than today do these words ring true. In 2008, the stock market crashed, the housing sector spiraled downward, unemployment skyrocketed and political corruption exploded. Our sense of security is a tenuous thing. That’s why my message for...