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So I keep on hearing about snow days and stormy weather. This is very odd to me. I'm at the Lafayette Library typing this. I'm wearing a sleeveless shirt. It's sixty-six degrees out. You can hit me if you want. I wouldn't blame you. Before you do, I will ask you this: Take advantage of the cold...
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You know the friend you can sit across a table from in a cafe for lunch, and the next thing you know it's dinner time and you've been laughing so hard that you haven't even touched your chocolate croissant? That's what being with Meredith Maran is like. I love Meredith. You've never met anyone...
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I just finished Kiss Shot by Collin Kelley a couple of days ago. It's a Kindle eBook and simply amazing: four short stories about characters who go through dark journeys but somehow end up to a better place. It's one of those ebooks I want to tell people "You think ebooks are a waste of time? Read...
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Having known a number of incest survivors over the years, including a close friend who suffered from horrific abuse as a child, I find the notion that women might fabricate their stories of sexual abuse both unbelievable and offensive. In fact, I have always assumed that anyone who doubted...