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Bleary-eyed, I sat on the commode looking out the bathroom window. There was once a screen in the window but the landlord removed it four years ago when I toilet had to be replaced. The screen sits on the porch repelling mosquitoes, moths, and insects, ground-based and with wings, from a spot on...
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You'll be relieved to know that the "let's not drink coffee anymore" idea didn't really pan out. I lasted for 1/2 a morning, then went straight back to the wonderment of a good cup of freshly percolated, piping hot country mountain morning roast -- something like that. Anyway, the point is, I...
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  I am sitting in a bookstore. Earth shattering news, I know. I’m in between appointments—I had a fabulous lunch with members of Nashville’s Dutch Lunch crowd, where we feasted on salmon and death by chocolate cake and a delicious crème brûlée with a candle in it, for our fearless leader...
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When I was a girl I had an office -- and a mailbox. Besides filling order forms we'd salvaged from local companies going out of business, what I loved most were the messages I'd trade with my sisters. Plus, my grandmother nicknamed me “motormouth”. Years later an astrologer pointed out Virgo in my...
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  Mercury The quicksilver spill off clenched fingertips grabbing for twilight’s dodge the slippery luminous fluid of unbound inspiration dropping from a comet’s pass, as liquid wings unfurl to swirl and pour between the puttied cracks. As if we could hold on to the silvered drops of metallic...