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He's unloading huge, rounded river stones from the back of his truck. I ask what he's making. The mason, currently of Fort Bragg, California, lately of San Diego and before that a lifetime pitched in Park City, Utah, where he lay rock, mounded fireplaces and bricked walks for the rich and famous,...
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MendoCoastCurrent, January 29, 2009 PG&E caught a major renewable energy wave today as the California Public Utilities Commission approved $4.8 million in funding their centerpiece wave energy project, WaveConnect. The program also received an additional $1.2 million in matching funds from the...
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On May 4, 2009 I participated at the 39th Annual Kent State University Memorial Event and here is the talk I gave: My name is Laurie Krause. I am the sister of Allison Krause, the daughter of Arthur and Doris Krause. I want to thank you for gathering together today. It’s an honor to be here at Kent...
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(c) 2009 Jeanne Powell"My Big Adventure"all rights reserved   "Come up to Point Arena and read for me."  OK, why not?  Even though I have no idea where Point Arena is, I think it cannot be too hard to find.  So I schedule this event in the distant future,  and ask for a...
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My heart goes out to President Obama on his thus far unrequited desire to form a more perfect union with the other party. I understand what he is trying to do, but I'm worried that he doesn't understand why it won't succeed just now. Consensus is a beautiful idea. In Aristotle's philosophy,...