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My Desk Yesterday, I told the story of how I got a picture back from a framer and didn’t recognize it because it looked so different with a frame: A fable for writers. While I’m in the mode of telling slightly embarrassing anecdotes that have an underlying message for the writing life, here is...
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How much are we shaped by the stories that others tell about us? I left that question hanging at the end of my last post. As it happens, the ever-popular neurologist Oliver Sacks touched on it in a recent article. In his 2001 memoir, Uncle Tungsten: Memories of a Chemical Boyhood, Sacks recalled a...
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I received an email from my dead cousin on Friday last. I was startled. I was taken aback. I was suspicious. A mix of emotions within the few seconds before I clicked it open. My British cousin, Alison, died two years ago. Exactly to this day - Monday - if you go by the day of the week.  She...
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John Paul Jaramillo is my guest on today’s “A Book and a Chat”. He grew up being told stories by a crazy grandfather, something he has always tried to keep up with. A failed poetry writer in his early years he went on to creating as he says “failed stories” before he found his writing style and...
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Today's mantra is about having faith.   I laugh to myself writing that sentence.  'Today' summarizes a point of time that's a culmination of other points in time.   The mantra, have faith, is the same. As I thought about myself and my life in the last several days, I came to a...
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Books are a forest and it’s hard to see the trees, except the tall ones or the old ones. But when you enter the forest, it’s the new growth that emits the sunlight....   Tuesday, January 8, 2013   Memory, eidetic memory, and fiction Memory.  What is it?  Words or is it...
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...on my work(s) in progress can be found here: http://www.jpsmith.org/blog.htm
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You know, even when I'm not typing or scribbling, I'm writing.  Often I write in my head about the actual story, but I also just think out different issues.  I consider that writing.  I've been thinking about character identity the last several days. See, I knew who the character was...
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I've always been funny about names. I think it stems from being left nameless, known simply as The Baby for the first few months of my life. I was last in a line of six, born in the middle of a party of much too much -- excess, indulgence, neglect, and tragedy. Still, it seems like a name isn't too...
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 Let me tell you about Peter Bagley’s eyes. Peter was a classmate, I guess, because I knew him by name & remember his wide face and his gray eyes even today. I have this photographic memory moment, tape loop, in motion, full color & sound image locked in my mind today over half a...