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Back in the 70's, I had a friend named Doug.  Doug and I use to drag race a lot. One night in the fall of 1976, Doug fround himself heading southwest on highway 54.  He started to pass an identical vehicle and the race began.  Doug put the pedal to the medal and as they approached...
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  I recently read the book, “Steve Jobs. The Man Who Thought Different”.  It had some good insights on the highs and lows at Apple Computer .  It also showed the good and the bad of Steve Jobs.  He often spoke about how things in our past connected the dots that shaped our...
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Chance is a theme that runs through all my novels – because, of course, it also so runs through all of life. Happenstance is a word – along with quotidian – that seems to inveigle its way into everything I write. Because so much of life is based upon the accidental, the coincidental, the look that...