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Oh so busy! Life is good and full and deadlines are nigh, but I've promised myself to blog here at least twice a week, and it's been six days and so.... MEME TIME! This one is called: The Power of Ten. And I tag you. Ten Years AgoI was deep in a dark and scintillating period of time, flirting with...
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This is a meme for poets who participated in NaPoWriMo. Answers by moi.Consider yourself tagged, gentle Reader! Number of poems written in April.-thirty, plus some scrapsNumber of poems you’ll keep and revise.-twenty sevenList the titles of your top three NaPoWriMo poems.-Eclipse, Spent,VeinList...
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Oooh, I knew I shouldn't have started a blog! Now Susan at ReadingWritingLiving has tagged me (directly this time!) for an “Eight Things Meme.” I know since this is Red Room I should be all literary and all, but, well, I yam what I yam. I was born in… Madison, Wisconsin by fluke of graduate...
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My friend Susan Ito over at ReadingWritingLiving indirectly tagged me for this writing meme. I'm not sure I'm doing myself justice (it's late in the day here in Mexico and I'm sleepy from the heat and from writing all day), but here's what I came up with on the fly... 10 Signs A Book Might Be...