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At the risk of encouraging folks to head for self-publishing, I found this story on the internet birth of Still Alice interesting. So I poked around a little, and discovered that Christopher Paolini’s huge bestseller, Eragon, also began as a self-published book. I know M.J. Rose got her start by...
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Meg Waite Clayton, author of The Wednesday Sisters, a moving book about a group of women who meet in the park in the 1960s who become writers together, posted a great link to a story on the Powell’s blog about a guy, Seldon Edwards, who worked for thirty years on his novel, The Little Book, which...
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For anyone who has ever dreamed of becoming an author, Meg Waite Clayton’s website is a delightful and inspiring place to visit. Meg is the author of the bestselling novel, The Wednesday Sisters, a book about a group of women friends. They meet at a park in Palo Alto, California, in the late...
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The history of my writing starts with a purse. Like the character of Linda in my new novel, The Wednesday Sisters, my first writing teacher—at a college extension class—dumped hers out over the table and told us to write for five minutes about anything that spilled out. She swore we wouldn’t have...
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I've got a new guest blog up at a writer pal's website. Meg Waite Clayton started a blog about first novels, in the hope that we published writers would debunk the myth of the overnight success. Hey, I'm a poster child for that one. Worked long and hard for many years before my first novel was...