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Last month, I blogged about 10 ways you can make writing your spiritual path. I’ve been asked to elaborate on some of those ways, and I’m going to start today with writing as meditation. Freemeditation.com defines meditation as “thoughtless awareness”. It is a stepping away from the constant...
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Worry is the conversation in your head that fear has with itself. Really? Maybe that’s why… I tell myself not to worry, but I worry still. I tell myself I do not worry; but then, that I should worry more. I tell myself to stop talking to myself, too; but the talk in my head goes on. Who am I...
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Early this week my twin and I were discussing how people come to us telling they cannot see their angels.  We ask how much they pray and meditate.  The answers vary from some to not at all.  Very few people tell us they pray and meditate daily.  Often we are faced with people...
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Silence, as every meditator knows, confers the opportunity to notice what matters most. This past week, I’ve been noticing our ideas about age and thinking about an important event approaching fast: On November 3, The Shalom Center (where I have the honor of serving as president) will honor...
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WHAT DOES IT FEEL LIKE TO BE YOU?What is the reflection you see in the mirror? What are you projecting into the Universe?Reboot to your highest self and breath! You are loved!
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Maybe you don’t have any trouble with your thoughts, but I do. Thoughts pop into my mind without my permission faster than a mosquito bites my skin on a sweltering summer afternoon. And, equally without my permission. Descartes, father of modern philosophy, pointed to both the distinguishing...
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  A group of us had walked along a narrow path to a deserted beach near Zihuatanejo, Mexico, which in 1971 was still a village of only several thousand inhabitants. The moon was brilliant, and the ocean glistened with reflected light.  Inspired by the moonlight, the waves and the soft...
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With all the energy ups and downs, I retreat as usual to the bath and the off worlds.  Sink into warm water and slip out of the body.  Water is such a wonderful conduit and enables you to either meditate or float upwards incredibly easily.     Bliss to wander off for a time...
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Now available for FREE download, another short tale from "The Death Wizard Chronicles" titled "The Black Fortress." Praise for Jim Melvin’s The Death Wizard Chronicles from the Charlotte Observer: “. . . a masterful new fantasy writer . . ." In "The Black Fortress," Torg, the Death Wizard, faces...