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I just finished watching Episode 11 of this season's Good Wife, called, "Boom De Yah Da." Where do I begin? The writers must be watching that idiotic show about "mediation," Fairly Legal for their research. They couldn't have been more off base if they tried. First of all, our heroes get a "Notice...
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Why I DOn't support our troops        Recently, I went to Arlington West.  It is a display on the beach by the pier in Santa Barbara, California where every Sunday veterans and antiwar protesters stick one thousand wooden crosses into the sand. Each cross...
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I try to give all the new legal shows a fair chance. So when I started watching Fairly Legal, the new USA show, I was really hopeful. USA has a great track record of developing shows I enjoy. In fact, I think I watch all of their original shows: Burn Notice (one of the best shows on TV),...