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February 25       SOD   Green and black, pinwheels of rolled grass speed by me on a flatbed.  Sod headed for home.  That is how it is for me.  I grew in a place of impermanence, a place clearly not my destination.  Uprooted and prepared for relocation, I am...
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Les Éditions de l'Épure specialize in small format books...read more
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No, it's not something from Dr Seuss........read more
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For over thirty years I’ve been scrutinizing how medical researchers conduct their search for causes of cancers. To me the causes were obvious and the failures by professionals to identify those causes at first unfathomable. Shortly, very shortly, it became clear that there was no sincere effort...
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Pet Cow I only see her in summer; in the winter, some man comes, but not often.  Short, sharp fur, scar near her shoulder in the shape of California. Black and white and black. Does not hesitate to shit on me when I get near her tail. Eyes like limpid balls of goo or something I could stick my...
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Glass walls don’t change anything. We can see and helplessly wring our hands. We can mock, we can sulk, we can laugh and cry, and we can see. We are voyeurs more than ever before because of these darned glass walls. Animals, people, even plants die and the cameras follow, the microphones, the...
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It was meat meeting meat to convey the predatory nature of pop culture.   Raw meat racks hanging from claw-like hooks at the butcher’s are just bits of carcass ready to become food. Food for thought they aren’t. Not until Lady Gaga wrapped the scraps of the pink flesh splotched with congealed...
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The image of a kid on a bike losing his teeth while riding no-hands and showing off to  his mother is a humorous one and not that far from the reality of what really happens to our health when we aren’t watching where we’re going or paying attention to what we’re putting in our mouths. Indeed the...
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The Argentinean president is all for bacon in bed. So charged up is Cristina Fernandez over how pigs set the hormones aflame and the adrenaline to rush that she has even offered subsidies to the “swine industry” representatives. Her testimonial goes something like this: “I didn’t know that eating...
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I've been writing, talking and reading about eating meat lately so I couldn't resist posting this photo. Now if that doesn't make you hungry I don't know what will!One of the books I'm reading is The Vegetarian Myth: Food, Justice, and Sustainability. While I think the book would have been improved...