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There's an old mirror in my living room.  It doesn't hang on the wall and it's not something you could put in your purse.  It is framed in what my mother always called "solid" maple and it was part of a complete bedroom set.  It's been a part of my life all my life - except now, I...
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I drive into work every morning knowing all of the things that I need to do for the entire day. My brain wakes up to the words of something inspirational while I am getting dressed, I then drive with laughter and information on the radio as I change from KGO to 100.1 to WOW gospel in the cd player...
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Sincere gratitude Not poets alone but readers too Is responsible part to pass through? The delicate phase of maintainingCordial relation and remain in tune to sing How can noble soul depart?From being a crucial part To spread the message of love And in peaceful existence to...
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The point of the roof Is where John Jumped off They live on a cliff So it was a very Far fall
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Week Two. During week got in college and met up with Dyslexic teacher Catherine. I have met briefly before when I was do English. This time with her second child. She proof readied my work and said I could it send by email which great for me.  Lesson two was today. It was OKish. I mean in was...
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No Words. I have no words to writing about anything, and reading poems, flash fiction and short stories with great pleasure but yet no praise I can give. My brain as ease to have a flow of words, which I beckon to type for you all. All creative is washed itself from me and hide hopeful just round...
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College Again. I decide to go back college about month ago, and today was the day I enrol. The course is very first course that anyone with do if they want to become counsellor which obvious I am aim for. Dyslexia has being sort and of register for extra support which I will probably need. Not sure...
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My Emmy choices: (Note -  I only voted for shows I've seen -- sorry Downton Abbey)   Outstanding drama series   "Game of Thrones"   Outstanding lead actress in a drama series   Claire Danes, "Homeland"   Julianna Margulies, "The Good Wife"  ...
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I'm a piece of clay, the bread dough, cookie dough. I stretch and stiffen, dry out, freeze, burn, become transformed. I like the day and being an early riser, out after the vampires have gone to refuge but before mortals populate the day with their sound and motion. I'm stone and steel, set,...
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                Moon Beam. In the light the moon beam which realm over me with it perfect shine, how I wish the spotlight would take me in to the unknown. I am drowned it the depths of  the shadows which doomed...