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I have a vested interest in this post because at Drinian Press, I function as the publicist.  It is one of the roles that I perform for this indie press; therefore, it is with great pride and pleasure that I announce that Rob Smith's McGowan's Retreat is up for the Second Annual Best Bookworm...
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Testing, testing….the other day I spent several hours writing a blog post only to have lost it when I hit the Preview button.  In fact, it disappeared without a trace, and frankly, I was extremely upset. Now, admittedly, I could have composed it offline instead of composing it on the site...
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As the publicist for Drinian Press (actually I wear many hats there as I do most of the proofreading and some editing for the indie press), I am pleased to announce that the fourth book in the McGowan Chronicles is out.  Right now, in anticipation of the launch of McGowan's Pass, I have three...
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The other day I went to another book signing (read: author signing) with my husband, author of McGowan's Call  and McGowan's Retreat, and Larry Smith, the author of The Long River Home.  Per usual, there were multiple authors at this book signing.  Just a personal opinion here, but the more authors...
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I wrote a review of Rob Smith's McGowan's Retreat before it was released.  I posted it here and I'll admit it, I'm a bit prejudiced about how much I liked it (and the author), but I also read a lot of books and have a feel for quality books, too.  Having said that, Midwest Book Review under the...