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We're near that season again, when thousands of newly minted MBAs wear medieval costumes and colors, get photographed with their classmates and family, hear really boring speeches, and think about their future. Many are wrestling with a deep sense of disappointment, and most don't want to talk...
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Creativity is a hot topic these days, and there have been quite a few articles lately, especially in the business press, about how American corporations need to become more innovative. The underlying notion in these articles is that as a nation, we’ve lost our creative mojo, and we’d better get it...
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A few years ago, I spoke at a conference of the African American Student Union, Harvard University. During the question and answer session a young man asked: "Why would someone with a Harvard MBA choose to go into the janitorial business instead of a more sophisticated profession?...
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McCain and Palin are for the regular, normal, everyday Americans, the real people who work hard, go to church, pay their bills, and in particular, the regular Joes (not just plumbers) and the regular hockey/soccer/football/softball/t-ball-Moms who live in Pro-America.  I’m a little concerned that...