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In addition to ending the world's longest running professional sports contract dispute, the Mayan Apocalypse threw a scare into the medical community. The Mayan Doomsday’s effect on survival outcomes in clinical trials is an excellent, well researched study on the effect that doomsday might...
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I'm very excited to show off the brand new cover for "The History of the Mayan Ball League." It's a photo from a now-defunct school down in Mexico where they kept alive the tradition of the actual Maya Ball game (and not my fictionalized version of it) by David Alexander Björkman. I had designed...
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  Mountains seem to be a theme, for this particular end of the world: http://abcnews.go.com/International/apocalypse-believers-flock-pyramid-shaped-mountain-peak/story?id=17960120#.UNMbvaUcNFI "People know I'm closed in the winter," claims Jovanovic. "But those people said they wanted to come...
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James Straight is my guest on today’s “A Book and a Chat”. He always knew he wanted to fly, since his early years watching planes land and take off from the small airstrip next to his family farm in rural mizurrah (Missouri). From these early years where his favorite smells were fresh cut...