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Having recently reread my Book of Five Rings, I was excited at having discovered new perspectives of the ancient teachings that Musashi put forward. That said, the "young" should be directed to examining their own motives before assuming understanding via intellectual ping pong. It takes many years...
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Photo: Brown University's University Building, built in 1770.  From Brown University's Wikipedia page.   A few quick things:   --It's my birthday, and I need some lovins.  Cuz I'm old.   --Having a writers group meeting at my house tomorrow between 5pm and whenever....
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I spent the last few weeks getting a 10-page sample of poetry and a 25-page sample of creative writing together for my MFA application. I also had to get 2 letters of recommendation, write a personal essay about my desire to be a writer and a creative essay on some aspect of writing craft. Phew! I...
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Find Your Model1.    Models are so good they don't know it.2.    Models teach us not by what they say but by the way they behave.3.    Models often don't know they're models, won't accept the title.4.    Models are masters.5.    Models know how to be quiet.6.    Models invest themselves wholly in...
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Found this letter from a freed slave to his former "master" at the blog "Stuff White People Do." It is by far the most must-read-y must-read you must read. Letter from Jourdan to Col. Anderson