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           It’s almost impossible to travel without coming up against the violence that’s such a part of the human story.  Maybe it has always been this way, but it seems more immediate these days.  The causes may be varied, but the...
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Each and every time something like the massacre in Aurora Colorado occurs I wind up being forced to defend America. I suppose these things come with the territory; being an American citizen and all living on an island where the crime rate is about 007% I suppose it’sunderstandable why people would...
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  Over the night of 09 June to 10 June, 1942, the Nazi-controlled army of Germany, eradicated the town of Lidice in Czechoslovakia. They levelled and then scraped this town from the earth, killing its inhabitants, in revenge for the assassination of Reinhard Heydrich, the Deputy...
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Last week, prosecutors in a Camp Pendleton called for the maximum sentence for Staff Sergeant Frank Wuterich, the Marine who gave the command, back in 2005, to slaughter 24 unarmed civilians in Haditha, Iraq. That sentence was 90 days. Yes, that's right, thanks to a plea deal, the maximum...
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  …we had better, in order to protect our civilization…wipe these untamed and untameable creatures from the face of the earth. —L. Frank Baum, in an editorial following the Wounded Knee massacre   We watched, waited in terror for the terrible Moment to come so we could peek through...
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My personal shock and awe I am overwhelmed. Drift away from conversations, deflect my eyes from the tv, shut my ears and the noises keep happening. This Sarah Palin strike cut across my chest. Bush's philosophies made his horror imaginable, but this woman's cowardice (aggressive, racist,...