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I've heard of Christians, conservatives and Republicans all called "closet homosexuals" or "closet racists" or "closet bigots" -- fill in the word -- misogynists, extremists, radicals. Why do they never accuse someone of being a "closet Christian"? Clearly the accusations above are to lead the...
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Want a quick and easy Mother's Day gift you can make at home? I love to make and give these inexpensive yet fun and luxurious facial scrubs to my friends and family.  Anyone who loves to be pampered will enjoy the festive Margarita Salt Body Buffer - detoxifying the skin and making it feel so soft...
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One of the more insane pieces of art I ever made was in Chicago, circa 1966. It was a kind of mask, called “I Swallowed An Electric Motor.” The title was stenciled in large letters around a four foot circle of plywood. The eyes were bare flashing lightbulbs. Crude plywood nose. Big red O of a mouth...
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Posted March 25th, 2010 by mayaCategory: Gettin' Outta Willyburg, Great Art and Stuff Update on these guys (see Welcome to Miami): They are called the Original Iphone DJ’s…and that is all I know.  Like I said…there ain’t ‘nuthin like Miami.
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January 24     The Max Factor     I apply foundation and rouge to make up the difference between reality and expectation.  My composition is unexamined by onlookers; appearance is the subliminal standard bearer.  My brave face is plaster cast as an estimation and a singularity.  Powder gives and...
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  Mask: A horror story for Halloween.   “Timmy!” his mother called from the hall. “There’s a parcel in the post for you. I think it’s from your father. Come and see.” “Looks like it might be the young man’s birthday then,” said the postman. “Yes, Halloween and birthday...