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Late September and the sun is warm and soft on my skin. We, H and I walk along the path that borders the beach. There is something special about this day and I can't quite figure out what that special is. Our walk is not planned. We were driving to the post office and the bank and the grocery store...
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Being at 'RedRoom' is always pleasant and exciting experience for me. I regret for not spending much time here like before. Today I want to share with you a small but very 'grass rooted' festival of Indian common popularization. Today is the 21st day of tenth Hindu month Shravana.The next coming...
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Last week, we asked the entire Red Room community to come together and blog about one topic: "Heroes." And as we expected, your posts on this topic are a glorious collection of stories about courage, integrity, and other virtues. The entries described heroic figures from history, fiction...