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I was thrilled to be interviewed by Marshal Zeringue about my wacked-out dog, Pippa. She's an 11-year old toy poodle who sees herself as a badass, punk-rock private school girl. Every day she tries to leave the house in a kicky little plaid skirt, Doc Martins, and a ripped Sex Pistols T-shirt. To...
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The Campaign for the American Reader blog empire's flagship is the Page 69 Test. The premise is this: open any book to page 69; if it grabs you, that's a better indication of whether you'll enjoy the book than simply reading the opening page. Try it on a book you like (and one you don't), it...
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I was always good at tests. After all, I moved around a lot, and the first thing they did in every school was to TEST me. Where does she fit in? How smart is she? Is she gifted? Average? Behind? Where shall we put her? What do we do with her? Is she worth extra time? Can we just ignore her? So I...