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"Love is not an act based on conditions. Love is the condition all other acts are based on. Love for our Creator. Love for others. Love for ourselves." Courage of Fear If I remember correctly it was early in the morning and I was just finishing up with the details of chapter three in...
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Here are some little known facts about Valentines Day: 1. Nationwide, 6,000 couples will tie the knot on Valentine’s Day 2009. Even when that date does not fall upon a Saturday, February 14th is consistently one of the most popular days of the year to wed. 2. 255,000 other couples will become...
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Inspiration Close to Home             Whenever I was feeling despair, whether I was afraid, looking for comfort, love, or security, I always tried to remember my favorite saint: my own mother. She had always managed to smile and give a kind...
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Me again. Still plotting my way through Mangroves and Monsters. Making pretty good headway, and hope to be finished by February's end. I'm also collaborating on a children's book with Stephen G. Sisco tentatively titled Katie's Lucky Leaves. Stephen will also put his gifted hands to the...
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My husband Kenneth made coffee for me this morning.  I lingered in bed, (it was 5:30am-we both like to get up early), and fell asleep again.  It was an unexpected gift I gave to myself.  Zooey, the fabulous calico, cuddled up at my side.  When I woke a half an hour later, the rich deep dark earthy...
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Well, what do you know. My journal is someone's new year's resolution. http://www.thestate.com/living/story/634576.html
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A painting I did the first year Bill and I were together shows a field of green. In the center there's a floating bed, and in the middle of the bed two people, face to face, stare into each others' eyes and hold each other. That was what we were like those first years. We held each other and saved...
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"Seventy-five," he says. "That's a good number." He's in his 60s. What do you mean, "a good number?" "Seventy-five is a passing grade. If you make it to 100 you get an A." * Apropos of nothing she says: "End of show. Lights up. That's it."  *  M is...
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Once in the year that my marriage truly failed, my then spouse and I traveled to Cabo San Lucas for a vacation, the kind that we might call last ditch, last hope.  Though at the time, we thought of it as the coming-back-together vacation. It was near Christmas, and we beat the rush of tourists by...