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“Marriage,” said Bill Cosby, “is the one miracle the Vatican has yet to acknowledge.” NO WOMAN DIETS ALONE - THERE'S ALWAYS A MAN BEHIND HER EATING A DOUGHNUT is a hilarious collection of short essays about the misadventures of marriage in which author Kristen Houghton proves that staying...
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Too many love stories I’ve read depict a brief encounter, a love that needn’t last, so not much is asked of it. Audrey Niffenegger’s “The Time Traveler’s Wife” gave me a much more familiar perspective of enduring love. Although Clare and Henry meet, marry, start a family on much the same calendar...
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To appreciate Edith Wharton's Pulitzer Prize winning love story, The Age of Innocence, you have to understand the almost forgotten practice of moral obligation. In our “Sex and the City” subculture, moral obligation means breaking up one short-term relationship via email ten minutes before...
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When I met my husband, October 10, 1981, he was sitting outside, and the sun was glinting off his red hair, and I felt that "wow!" It turned out to be a lasting love at first sight. However, the truth is that I felt that "wow!" to one degree or another for many guys while I was single. With Richard...
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Writers often wonder how our work affects people. I am frequently surprised by feedback from readers of my poetry who have gleaned meanings I neither had in mind nor realized were there. I believe that once we put work out there to be read, we relinquish our control over it. From then on, people...
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   Last month, October, until now, I did quite a bit of travel in ministry doing conferences and church meetings in Alabama, Arkansas, Ohio, and out of the country in Australia.    I became even more aware of something I had been preaching about off and on for the last two...
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I was the only grandchild on my dad's side.  These were the things I knew about my grandparents (two of my very favorite people ever):  Cleo, my grandmama, loved to take me shopping for clothes and Barbies.  She was straightforward and honest and statuesque--she always had a...
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For those who've read Sealed In Lies stop by my website and read about Jack and Caroline's wedding! A free short story. You'd think they could have a nice quiet wedding and simple honeymoon, but OH NO! http://www.kellyabellbooks.com/justmarriedinlies.htm
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If she is of no consequence, why is literary giant Salman Rushdie picking up a challenge to write about her? The arrogant blahster, of course, announced that it was a "once-only, never-to-be-repeated Kim Kardashian Limerick". In Caps, like an acronymn?  Here is his supposed jibe on...
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"I'm supposed to give tips on how to have a long and happy marriage - but honestly I'm too young to know what marriage really is. All I can say is: If my Dad turns out to be as loving and supportive a husband to Pam as he is a father to me, then we will all live a very blessed life" the under-aged...