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Did you know that the  2010 Word of the Year was Austerity? Now that the days of summer, 2011 are fleeting by too quickly, and the fall rush of back to school ads are becoming a daily message, I am wondering what the next season will bring. More crazy weather, hurricanes, heat waves, fires,...
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Activist Marlo Thomas has been writing about Girl Power for a long time, and now she's blogging about women's roles for The Huffington Post. But before that phrase decorated tee shirts and tote bags, there were Girl Scouts. We did more than wear those green uniforms and sell  thin mint cookies. In...
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Marlo Thomas - www.marlothomas.aol.com      Class.  That's the only way to describe my brief meeting with Marlo Thomas.  The rest of the small meetings between members of the press and the celebritites presenting at the AARP National Conference in Orlando September 30-October 2 took place across a...