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What's my excuse for not blogging for a week? Quite simply - Paris. Being in Paris for anyone who likes to cook is pure joy. Where I am there are three traveling markets that appear on Tuesday, Wednesday, Friday and Sunday, on Thursday and Saturday I can shop at the permanent street market on rue...
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This is a holiday for workers in many parts of the world, but for me May Day means two things - my return to Paris and lily of the valley, one of my favourite flowers. Tomorrow I'll be picking a few stems from the planter in the courtyard, my Parisian neighbours don't seem to share my lily of the...
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And there's one less market for submissions. **********************   This morning HarperCollins announced that they will shutter the Collins division. In the shake-up, Collins publisher Steve Ross and William Morrow publisher Lisa Gallagher have departed from the company. According to...
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(Show of hands.) How many people have seen Adbusters? This is that magazine where all the ads look like ads until you stop and look closer and you discover they’re anti-ads ... like those billboards “liberated” by  the Billboard Liberation Front.  I don’t think I’ve ever seen one paid ad in an...
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You're three and a half years old, sitting at a park bench in the middle of Chicago on a muggy afternoon. There are various three and a half year old children around. You have eleventeen packs of cards donated to you by the company your Dad works for. For the fun of it you and the kids build a...
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I'm driven. Competitive as hell.  Each Christmas, I spend time with a family in rural Saskatchewan (western Canada) and part of that tradition involves a shinny game. Sometimes it's on a frozen, home-made ice rink, sometimes just a convenient flat area of ground.  Throw up some goal posts, divvy up...