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Book Marketing 101 is a free ebook that discusses the basic steps in constructing a marketing plan for your book. Based on a lecture I put together at the request of a writing group, it describes the consequences of publishing a book.  Yeah, that's right.  There are consequences. You can...
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No matter which road an author takes, traditional publishing or self-publishing, the complaint is the same.  How do I get more readers, more publicity, more speaking engagements, more of everything.  Having a traditional publisher doesn't guarrantee anything.  They have many books to...
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I have a new free ebook available.  It's called Book Marketing 101.  It's my attempt to explain a few basic marketing concepts to authors and writers. To download a copy go to: http://strangeworldsonline.com/wp/?page_id=563
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Author Hank Quense has released Marketing Plans for Self-published Books, the second title in his Self-publishing Guides.  The Marketing Plan book is available on all major ebook seller sites including Smashwords and Kindle now and it will be on Istores, B & N, Sony and...
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  Book Marketing can be one of the biggest challenges for traditionally published as well as self-published authors. Today, more than ever before, writers are faced with the task of marketing the books they write. To launch a successful book marketing campaign, there are many marketing...
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Marketing, I think, is the bane of many writers' existence. I prefer to be a 'set it and forget' it kind of person, but even so, if nobody's heard of us, nobody's going to find our books. How do we get noticed? We interact on social media, we blog, we go to conferences (I'll be at Bouchercon...
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Never give a sucker an even break or smarten up a marketing chump. Notice I didn't say promotion chump. I said marketing. There is a difference. Marketing has everything to do with what your publisher is supposed to do. Here's some givens, and this list is woefully incomplete: Publish and...
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  Author and self-publishing guru Court­ney Milan was our guest speaker at my local RWA chap­ter meet­ing, and her topic was Indie Pub­lish­ing. She brought her own expe­ri­ences and insights to her talk, and with the rapidly chang­ing face of the indus­...
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I'm holding a chat on self-publishing and book marketing on Goodreads.  The chat will last from 9/1/13 to 9/15/13.  Stop by and join in or just lurk. If you have questions or concerns on these topics (and what writer doesn't) post a message.  If I can't answer it, perhaps someone...
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Do we sometimes overstate racism? Emphasis on colour in politically-correct terms only consolidates stereotypes. Finger-pointing bad taste draws attention to it. Racism is way more than the buying and selling of products and the imagery associated with them. What is wrong with the Dunkin’ Donuts...