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You’ve got a book, you’re on RedRoom, and you’ve also put up a Facebook Page. How can you leverage Facebook to help promote your book? First, you need to make sure your Facebook Page clearly showcases your book front and center. Next, you need to add customized branded content to your Page. Then...
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In this week's news for writers: getting a million 'likes' on Facebook and a potentially very helpful new feature on Facebook for discoverability; the lengths one authors goes to for publicity; avoiding pitch fatigue; George Takei is outed for hiring a ghost writer for his social media. Publicists...
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Facebook consolidates its advertising options; Seth Godin and Hugh Howey offer advice (are you MAD for not self-publishing?); tools to help you run a Twitter chat or handle multiple Twitter accounts; and more at this week's social media news for writers.
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Many writers use pen names when they write.  Everyone from Agatha Christie to Nora Roberts, have at some point, used pen names.  I myself use a pen name, although that choice is now coming into question, which has of course prompted me to hold the practice up to the light and truly...