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I hadn’t been to Chez Panisse for ten years, but a friend brought me to the restaurant today, and my goodness, what wonderful food! For the few who don’t know of Chez Panisse, it’s a restaurant in Berkeley known for using local, organic foods and credited as the inspiration for the style of...
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At the outset in this Part, Hugo demonstrates his understanding of the French society he’s haunted to yet another degree, that of the political ramifications of social unrest in the early nineteenth century. He begins with a sharply focused discourse on the July 1830 revolt. Here, the monarchy is...
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Just when you think Hugo will smother you with the domestic and social travails of post-revolutionary France, he surprises. In this opening to Part Two, he gives us a military historian’s depiction of the Battle of Waterloo. Julie Rose’s copious notes tell us that Hugo visited the site of the...