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The recent election and articles about the paucity of Republicanism in Marin Country leads me to the question, Why is Marin so liberal?   I was born in San Francisco and grew up in Marin beginning at age four, graduating from Redwood High. My family has been in the Bay Area since the Gold Rush...
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"You really look lovely tonight, Kat." "And you, Nate," I teased, "you really do need to get that Lasik surgery you've been hinting at." We were at Fish, sharing a platter of fish and chips — well, playfully fighting over the chips — and digging on each other's...
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“Are you sure there’s crab in this?” Anna asked a waiter passing by as she, her friend Neal and I sat before a shared plate of crab cakes at a local eatery one Sunday. “It’s impossible to find any,” she said. “Yeah, kinda like trying to find a smart, attractive, grounded man in Marin,” I observed...