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     Just received this eloquent short article by Tom Weiss, a business owner in Knoxville, and a fine poet.   I was lucky enough to work with him this May, in our workshop in Auvillar, France.  All the writers who work with me there come from different...
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Marilyn Kallet (Red Room Poet and Author) in a recent comment asked me how my writing was going. I did not respond. I felt empty. I knew I had no answer for her. I thought about lying. Making something up. A response on the lines that it was good, nothing new, struggling as usual, still hopeful....
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This article about me came out yesterday at the University of Tennessee.  The author, Lynn Champion, is in charge of communications and outreach at UT.  I often feel that women editors are the hope of women writers--and then I remember how many brilliant men editors have helped me, and my...
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I just had the pleasure of reading fellow RR member Marilyn Kallet's fine book, Circe, After Hours. With this book, we find ourselves in the presence of a modern day Circe, a many- faceted, deeply nuanced singer of songs. Like the late great Odetta, she is not afraid of turning taboos inside out,...
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Six weeks ago, in a blog here, I asked who was the most "famous" author you've seen in person. This post today is kind of related, but I'm asking for a twist on that here. Your answer might be the same, but mine is different. I mentioned I'd seen Garrett Hongo, Diane Di Prima, and...