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Joe Konrath made $100,00 in three weeks selling his self-published books on Kindle. He explains this phenomenal achievement in an article called "Reality Check," where one sentence stands out like the warning beacon on a highway patrol car. "In the long run, except in the case of...
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After wrapping up notes from the Writers' Police Academy, it's time to plunge into recapping workshops from the Emerald City Conference. The first workshop I attended was about writing emotionally gripping scenes, given by Margie Lawson. First, it's important to understand that we, as human...
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Back when I was a reporter for the South Dade News Leader, I covered the religion beat. One of the first people I met was a little old woman with the unlikely name of Romaine Alexander. The catchphrase she often used was my title above: "Better, better and better." She lived her life by...