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     I'm stuperstitious about flying.  Always carry a hardback book that's sturdy (just in case we fall out of the sky, can be used as a flotation device), a book that's entertaining enough to keep my mind off the wing that's a sheet of flame.  David Sedaris's books...
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(c) 2011 Jeanne Powell"Anatomy of a Poem"all rights reserved In those halcyon days before I discovered coffee actually was drinkable, I used to relax with a cup or two of freshly brewed tea -- frequently  the Iron Goddess of Mercy oolong from China.   On such afternoons I read the...
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My youngest son manages a janitorial crew at the college he attends.  It's his college job, and he likes it, enjoying hard work.  When he was little and I had big trees to plant, I could pay him 20 dollars a hole, and he would spend the afternoon digging and digging, coming inside in the late...
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First, I want to apologize if I’ve been . . . grumpy. Grumbly. Cranky. Throwing small tantrums. Complaining about being uninspired. Writing blogs about futility and a passive-aggressive Zen approach to life’s matters, large and small. It’s been a tough month. But it has also been a GLORIOUS month....