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It never fails. As soon as I start building up momentum (the research, the story, the outlining) on the new book– Velva Jean #4– I’m summoned back to Velva Jean #3– Becoming Clementine. Friday afternoon I received the copy edited manuscript of Clementine, which is due back to my editor February...
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I dunno - I much rather have an established print publisher tend to the production and promotion of a manuscript. But, unless the eBook format is embraced with more enthusiasm than seems to be happening, traditional publication is going to be left in the eDust. iPad Ebook Publishing Services...
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The thing about such a list is that these (and many other) editors might change their desires with a change in the winds of sales. Still, any insight into the trends and desires of publishers (and quite possibly the book marketplace) can be helpful.    * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * What...
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Though not a route I am clamouring to take, I do have manuscripts that I might be willing to toss into the ePublishing hopper. Still, my preference is to have a solid publisher do the initial book then have it (eventually jointly) in eBook format. copyright image -site logo e-book.com.au...
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I'm not sure if my Kafka is suitable for Harlequin. Well - OK - maybe I am sure. Still, I believe I could make the case for his Romantic desires. Engaged to the same gal twice. Thousands of letters written to her (sometimes three a day). He in Prague. She in Berlin. Chaste and (we assume) not so...
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I gotta say that my novels end when the ending appears. I have not created a one thousand page-turner and I don't see it in the cards. Maybe a trilogy counts (I've written one and a half of them), but I doubt it. I have written more than one book about the same set of characters, but they are still...
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        I was struck this morning by how things have drastically changed over the years in the publishing world. This aspect is for the better.   I sent a proposal for my Louie-the-dog thriller to an editor at a major New York publisher. It was an email describing the...
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Calling All Authors! Great opportunity through the Paranormal Romance Guild to fine tune your craft under the tutelage of NYT Best Selling Author Angela Knight! Sign up today, space is limited! www.paranormalromanceguild.com
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Why is Publishing So Slow? by  by Rachelle Gardner, Literary Agent   One of the most common complaints about traditional publishing is how long everything seems to take. We’ve heard these grumblings for as long as I’ve been in this business, but it’s certainly increased in this digital age where...
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Apple Unveils ‘Cloud’ Music and Storage ServiceBy MIGUEL HELFT   SAN FRANCISCO — Declaring that the personal computer was no longer the central hub of people’s digital lives, Steven P. Jobs, Apple’s chief executive, on Monday unveiled the company’s new online storage and syncing service for...