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Once upon a time I was in a company called Geese Theatre Company.  We did social political drama therapy in prisons and penitentiaries across the country.  This was in the 80's.  The same time frame of when the world was seeing hardcore change. Especially in Manila.  They were...
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ONE ORGANIZATION I’ve been working for as an editor for their quarterly magazine is going gaga over preparations for IHAS 2011, a major event it is reviving after a two-year hiatus.  IHAS or International Halal Assurance Seminar is like the MIHAS or Malaysian IHAS of Kuala Lumpur or other IHASes of...
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     As I begin typing this, I'm at a loss. What's my favorite city? My goodness. Until being asked that question I doubt it's one I'd ever consider wanting to answer. To be quite honest, I am not a city person and dislike city life in so many ways I wouldn't know where to begin. To my knowledge...
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December 7, 1941, Cayucos, Central California I didn’t understand. I was only four. Unaware that my life was reversing, like the tide before me, I played on the beach. The sun brightened the cloudless sky, turning it a silvered winter blue, perfect for Sunday, Daddy’s day off. As he and Mom...