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  “And in the end, the love you take is equal to what you give. “ Why hello there my spiritual friend, you caught me reminiscing a bit. As we get older, in particular those of us who are baby boomers,  we are inclined, or so we should be, to reflect on the many things that we have...
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My guest on today’s “A Book and a Chat” is radio host, cellist, music and video producer, spiritual teacher, aphorist and now author. He is also better known to his many radio fans on the west coast as “Mystic Pete”. Pete has taught and organized events internationally connecting spirituality and...
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Nothing much happens in the sleepy resort town of Larkin, Wisconsin. Until Adam, the town’s sheriff, begins having the same nightmare over and over. Is it a sign of things to come or is Adam just going insane? When Adam is visited by a mysterious woman that only he can see, he realizes that things...
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There's this really old saying in the bible, "As ye sow, so shall ye reap." Does anyone actually understand what they mean by that? Here's my perspective. I've blogged about this before, sorry if it sounds like a repeat. The universe is a static matrix of quantum mechanical possibilities...
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It is a simple boat, with a wooden bottom, in the shape of a cradle, surrounded in royal blue trim and a bit of gold glitter. A great Oak grows out of the center, reaching its limbs out to the universe. As the boat floats effortlessly along the ocean, the waters shimmer, like dancing angels. They...
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One of my lessons for this lifetime (perhaps this is a lesson everyone needs to learn, perhaps not) has been understanding the true nature of energy and its power to manifest our future. There has been an awful lot of literature written about this. The principal is as old as humanity. What ever ye...