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...if you'd read... Chapter 21 "Obedience" is up at Memoir in Progress, the ongoing saga of a 20-something Manhattanite, turning her back on writing and the arts, because she gets convinced that yoga/mediation/enlightenment have something more to offer...  
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Dear Red Room Friends,   I know you've already heard me invite you to the KGB bar. That was a little over a month ago. I was very excited to be reading there and sent word out the world over. Then the day before the big event, I fell -- hard -- off my bicycle, and broke my kneecap (!) and had...
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The question that hovers over this book for me -- one I cannot answer, but which I hope the writing will -- is WHY did this person, this young me, stay in this situation. I think it's a question millions of people ask themselves when they look back on certain times in their life...I invite you to...
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I felt different after the chant, in the days following. Maybe, I thought, maybe I could look into all this guru stuff more closely. Maybe this is what has been missing. Maybe I have been wrong about what a guru is. I had been feeling like I’d been wrong about a lot of things for awhile. Peeling...
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In front of Natvar on the floor was a shiny wooden rectangular box with a short keyboard – black and white keys like a small piano. On the other side of the masking-tape aisle sat Mark cross legged in front of an oblong drum, the kind with two circles of stretched skin on either side and an oval of...
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The latest chapter from the memoir I am writing online at http://experiments-in-memoir.blogspot.com, a memoir with no title yet...   Though he had turned me down up in Maine, within a few weeks of my return to the city Bill and Laura had broken up as I'd been so confident they would, and Bill...
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"Insomniac City," an essay about my moving to and falling in love with New York City, is appearing in the New York Times.  Check it out and let me know what you think.  Link below, under the Articles tab.  bh
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Recently LocationIndependentProfessionals.com asked why we want to be location independent. "Whatever you're looking for you can find where you are." It's simply not true. We can get what we want and need where we are -- but not with a local solution. Try a psychic one. Take this week's...
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It's Spring, my friends.  To help yourself really see it and note it and to develop your eye for color, detail and reverberation, try this exercise:  Over the next few days, take the time to linger over and observe (or even interact with) scenes that catch your attention.  Make notes on as many of...
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National Public Radio foreign correspondent Eric Weiner used to have a list of seven ways for journalists to grow old gracefully. His premise, which is self-evident to anyone who’s been a reporter, was that daily news was an undignified thing to be doing in your 40s. I can’t remember the whole of...