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I look to the sky from a city street. Though the night is cloudless, the city’s illumination has washed away all but one star. I stare at it patiently. The star’s dimness burdens my sinful ass with a blessing. Certain transcendental winds exist during the gifted first days of our heated Julys....
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  Motherhood: The most important job you’ll ever work. Family-oriented team players desired. Experience: Completion of childhood preferred. Duties and Responsibilities:  Mind reader, language interpreter, playmate, chaperone, instructor, tutor, organizer, mediator, coordinator, diplomat,...
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  "A Taste For Romance" By Virginia Campbell Happy New Year! Wow--we made it to 2012! Since this is my first post of the new year, I decided to make it a very special one. I am sharing one of my most prized "Mama Stories".   January 8, 1935 is the birth date of one of the most...
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  It’s been three years now since the dawn you left me. A lot of things have changed with me, and in me. And yet, the more these things change, the more I hold on to the past. I’m just scared that I’m completely lost, that I am leading a life with no promise for the future and no direction for...
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 Even with the supposed "gas crisis" and people bemoaning their personal difficulties in the pseudo-depression - and with mounting concerns over climate change / global warming (choose your phrase depending how head-up-your-arse you are about this reality), I seem to have generated...
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I'm guest blogging today about collaborating on Mama, PhD at Gail Konop Baker's group blog, The Debutante Ball. Here's an excerpt: Meet over email. Of course; you live, after all, 3,000 miles apart, but it helps our relationship get into writing right away. We are literally words on a page (screen...
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Mama, PhD is making its way out in the world now! Browse around the book at Amazon and then order your copy today!