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 In my ongoing search to find ways to help sexually abused children, rarely a day passes that I don’t read an article on that subject.  Today I came across one published in the New York Times and written by Patrick Adams on March 18, 2014 titled, Can One of Africa’s Most Powerful Women...
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Free erotic literature for your Kindle for the next 5 days. Tessa Blade introduces Christian Love in Love in Malawi, book 1. I was privileged to write the Foreword for this erotically charged and seductively forbidden first novel in the Christian Love book series. Get ready and enjoy! http://www....
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Single and dedicated, wealthy and adrift, Tessa Blade travels the world, understanding that cultures and relationships are the main principles that interpret traditions, ethics and behaviors. With a University MBA, a Bachelor Degree in Criminal Justice and a Masters in Educational Psychology, she...
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This is an excerpt from the yet to be released erotic novel Love in Malawi. This is neither a promotion nor a solicitation. I'd written the foreword and have permission from the author Tessa Blade to post this excerpt on this Red Room site. We hope you enjoy the beginning and please email me if you...
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After I began writing the third chapter in my new erotic novel, Love in Malawi, trying to develop and spice up the main characters, choosing intelligent and exotic locations for the plot, edging the sensual characters into suggestive and sexually stirring situations, I’d decided to call Janis, my...
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When I first started writing my new slightly erotic romance novel, Love in Malawi, on June 18, 2012, I didn’t know that Hillary Clinton, the 67th United States Secretary of State, would soon be visiting Malawi. She announced a major expansion of U.S. government investment in Malawi on Sunday August...